Avios Top 10 Redemptions

Here is a list of top 10 Avios redemptions from ThePointsGuy, an American blogger from a British and European perspective. This is due to the recent relaunch of an American credit card offering 100,000 Avios sign up bonus. We, in the United Kingdom, are never blessed with such generous offers but can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge generated by the American bloggers with credit cards to push.

ThePointsGuy‘s list has a distinctly American bias but has some excellent Avios redemptions for European-based flyers.


1) Short Haul American flights

Distance-based Avios are very useful for short-haul. Flights under 650 miles are only 4,500 Avios in economy each way. This includes flights on partners like American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and LAN.

HeadforPoints expands on this redemption idea. Pointing out that “there is minimal tax to pay when redeeming for internal US flights. The only restriction to get this pricing is that you must travel non-stop, without a change of plane.  If you do change planes, you will be charged each flight separately.”

He offers the following route suggestions discovered at MilePoint

  • New York to Montreal (4,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • San Francisco to Honolulu (12,500 Avios each-way, Alaska)
  • San Francisco to Los Angeles (4,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • Detroit to New York LaGuardia (4,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • Atlanta to New York LaGuardia (7,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • Atlanta to Chicago (4,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • Miami to New York LaGuardia (7,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • Miami to Key West (4,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • St Louis to New Orleans (4,500 Avios each-way, American)
  • Toronto to Chicago (4,500 Avios each-way, American, £30 taxes return)


2) Use 2-4-1 Companion Ticket

ThePointsGuy calls them Travel Together but we know them as 2-4-1 companion tickets. Available after £10,000 spend with British Airways Premium Plus or after £20,000 spend with British Airways credit card

I wrote a post about the value of 2-4-1 companion tickets not that long ago.


3) Upgrading a Paid Ticket from Premium Economy to Business

I examined the best value of an Avios redemption for London to New York and upgrading a paid ticket offered the best bang for buck.

Upgrades are available from the following booking classes:
- British Airways: J, C, D, R, I, W, E, T, Y, B, H


4) Intra European Flights

The value of the Reward Saver should be obvious to any European-based Avios enthusiast.

London to Prague for 9,000 Avios and £30 is an unbelievable bargain.


5) Transatlantic Flights on Aer Lingus

I explored this option in my redemption example; London to New York

Dublin to Boston is an excellent use of Avios without the high surcharges applicable to long haul departures from the UK.


6) Transatlantic flights on Air Berlin

I have not yet examined the potential with using Air Berlin yet but HeadforPoints has in an excellent three-parter. The only problem for UK-based flyers is getting to Germany first.


7) Avios and Cash Redemptions

A useful feature of Avios is the ability to reduce the number of Avios required for a redemption by paying extra for the ticket, particular if you are just short of the necessary Avios for your award booking.


8) American and Alaskan Airlines Economy Flights to Hawaii

This is an excellent redemption if you are on the West Coast of America.


9) Intra-Australia flights on Qantas

Thanks to the almost monopoly enjoyed by Qantas in Australia intra-Australian travel can be quite expensive. The distance-based Avios redemption system works the same way here as intra-European flights. Short, direct flights cost relatively few Avios and very little in surcharges, and compare very favourably to Qantas’ paid ticket prices.


10) Transferring Miles to Iberia’s Avios Program to Avoid Fees

If you haven’t opened an Iberia Plus account, do it right now. An account needs to be opened for 90 days before you’re allowed to transfer Avios and Iberia offers excellent Avios redemption opportunities with low surcharges.


Finally, if you don’t read ThePointsGuy or HeadforPoints then certainly check them out now.

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